The Color Run #weshine tour

It’s finally here!! The happiest 5K on the planet…The Color Run!

This year my niece, Amy, decided to join me. We didn’t get to pick up our bibs and t-shirts early, so we had to run through check-in beforehand to grab our things. If you have your ticket handy (printed or pulled up on your phone) it makes life much easier. Check-in was a breeze for us, no long lines and I had our tickets printed.

We headed over to the start and waited. The first wave started on time at 8:00. I think there was probably 4 to 5 waves ahead of us. We took a few pictures and got pumped. The vibe of the crowd was amazing.


Since it’s not a timed 5K and Amy isn’t a runner, we took our time and enjoyed the sights. One of my favorite things they added this year was the Happy Wall. The question of the day is, what makes you happy?


They had 5 color stations this year. The 4 colors below and the 5th was glitter. Yes, that’s right I said glitter. Who doesn’t like a splash of glitter?


It was a little warm so we stopped at the water station for a quick drink and photo.


The finisher’s color zone is crazy and I could have stayed there until they made me leave. Dancing + Color = Happy girls! I had to put my phone up after this. I had glitter and color all over it.




Every year this race keeps getting better. It’s well organized, they have fantastic volunteers and the atmosphere is amazing. Seriously there was dance music all around, bubbles, color, glitter and people of all ages truly enjoying themselves. I asked Amy her thoughts since she has never done a race before. She said that if all races are like this she may actually consider becoming a runner.

Check out this year’s bling. I am impressed with the medal! Plus, the t-shirts are my favorite! I swear they are the softest shirts and last forever. Excellent job to all those who make the Color Run what it is today!


Have you run The Color Run?

Streaking with the best.

Happy Friday! How is everyone today? I’m doing fabulous here. I was hoping that this would finally be the week that I could get on a regular schedule for blogging. Nope. Clearly, I am a very busy person. It’s not a lie if you truly believe it, right?

This week I started the Runner’s World running streak. I vow to run at least one mile a day until July 4th.That’s 41 days of consecutive running!! Hmmmm, that sounds crazy to me now.


So, I kicked off Memorial Day with my first run. I thought I caught a break in the rain, but as I was getting ready to take off it started pouring. Luckily, I was near my mailbox and could drop my phone off before it got wet. I actually didn’t mind running in the rain since it was a humid. No watch. No music. Just me and my thoughts. It was a good run. I think we all need those “free” runs, especially after training for a race so that we actually relax and enjoy the run. Maybe that’s just me?

I’ve never studied a picture of myself from this angle…interesting.

Soaked and happy when I got home. A successful run.

Anyone else streaking?

Have a great weekend!

KHS’s Waggin’ Trail 5K

On Saturday, May 16, I volunteered to work the registration tent for the Kentucky Humane Society’s Waggin’ Trail 5K.

Waggin Trail Walk for the Animals, walk & 5K

Without events like the Waggin’ Trail, KHS wouldn’t be able to serve the thousands of homeless pets they do each year. In 2014, KHS set a record and found homes for more than 6,500 pets, saved over 200 animals with our Help-Me-Heal Fund, educated more than 5,000 children about responsible pet owner and since opening in 2007, our S.N.I.P. Clinic has performed more than 70,000 spay/neuter surgeries on owned pets.


This was the first time I’ve volunteered for an event for the humane society. I checked-in at 7:30 that morning and given a volunteer shirt. While waiting for others, I had a little puppy action to tend to.

Puppy playtime. Is there anything sweeter?

I didn’t take a lot of photos since I was working, but I was able to sneak in a few. Here’s the 411 on The Waggin’ Trail: it is a 5K walk (not timed), proceeds benefit the human society, animals welcomed, lots of different vendors including other local rescue organizations, a cake walk and an animal/human look-a-like contest. So much fun packed into this event!

I loved every second getting to see so many dogs. I gave lots of belly rubs and received lots of kisses…from the dogs, not the owners. 😉 I’ll definitely volunteer for this event again.

The results are in.

After my physical last November, I had some things to think about. Overall, I am (and have been) a pretty healthy person but genetics play a huge role in my cholesterol and triglycerides. Truthfully, my eating habits haven’t always been the healthiest and my activity level seems to change all the time. However, the threat of being on medication for the rest of my life, possible heart disease and becoming diabetic really troubled me. I made the decision right then and there, seeing that my DNA isn’t going to change it was time for me to make a change. But what kind of change? I started reading about the juicing craze that was several years ago. I ended up watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix. That lead me to Forks Over Knifes, Vegucated and Food Inc. I am not trying to persuade you to watch these films, nor am I trying to persuade you to become vegan or vegetarian. This is my story and this what I did. But for the record, these films are very informative. After watching them, I was so angry about how food is prepared, lack of standards from the FDA, and the treatment to animals. At first, I wanted to be vegan. The vegan lifestyle is more complex (in my eyes) than I realized. I found myself stressing over how everything was prepared and it caused me a lot of frustration and hunger. I’m certainly not opposed to trying it again and I still purchase several vegan products. My biggest failure at being vegan was cheese. Sounds silly, but it is a deal breaker…hey, I’m human and I am selfish. After a couple of weeks of attempting to the vegan way, I decided vegetarian would be the smoothest transition for me. I started the vegetarian journey on January 1st.

Last month I did labs to see if there was any progress.


                   2014                                                           2015

cholesterol:   239                                    cholesterol: 183

triglycerides:  383                                    triglycerides: 185

I had the best labs of my life!! My numbers are still not perfect, but for me these are the best to date in my adult life. Also, my blood sugar was elevated last year but now it’s within normal range. 

How did I do it? Meal planning. Researching. Trial and errors. Putting thought into all meals. I started pulling recipes from cooking blogs. I looked at Pinterest. I asked my (few) vegetarian/vegan friends for recipes. I learned to cook and actually enjoyed it now. I ventured out of my norm and tried new foods and spices and to my surprise this girl found new things that she really likes. Except mushrooms. Hated them before and hate them now. On average, we eat home 5 days a week. I bring my lunches to work and they consist of a prepared meal other than a processed sandwich or frozen meal. I use all fresh produce, herbs and fruits, spices, whole wheat pastas and quinoa. I still eat some processed foods and sweets, but I limit my intake. Other than cheese, I don’t consume any other dairy. I love vegan sour cream! I even buy coconut milk ice cream and coconut milk creamer. I find that we don’t waste as much food either these days. Also, I haven’t noticed a significant cost difference in buying veggies over meat. Since it’s just the 2 of us, maybe that’s why?

Was it easy? Not at first…but I did it and I am still doing it! This lifestyle change has been my own personal challenge and I can honestly say I love how it makes me feel and I don’t have bloating issues like before. By cooking at home, I know exactly what I am putting in my body. I take the time now to read labels and Goggle what ingredients are. I don’t think I’ve become obsessed but I am certainly a very aware consumer these days. Shouldn’t we all be? It is, after all, our bodies that we are caring for. 

Do I think that by not eating meat my overall health improved? Not entirely, but I think that it certainly makes a HUGE difference. The results are above, you decide. Currently, I am 5 months in and plan on continuing my vegetarian journey for awhile. 

If you are vegetarian/vegan, how long and any advice to share to a newbie?

Thoughts, questions or concerns?

Tackling a dreaded job.

I love when I can cross things off my to-do’s list!! Yesterday I finally tackled a job I have put off for 3+ years (yes, my list is crazy long), I reorganized our unfinished basement. The finished area of the basement has been taken over and renamed “The Man Cave”. I don’t have a problem with Jim claiming the downstairs, as long as he keeps it clean. However, the jury still out on that one! The unfinished area of the basement we use for storage and over the years it has been a collect all for everything without a place. I was planning on participating in our neighborhood yard sale in June and now I actually have some things to sale. I did not take a before picture as I was mortified by the clutter and filth. I honestly don’t remember if I have swept this area since we moved in almost 8 years ago! It took me 4.5 hours to clean and reorganize everything. Needless to say, my back is killing me! I guess all the bending, squatting and stooping really took its toll. My new fitness goal is to strength my lower back. I never think to focus attention to that area, but apparently it needs a lot of attention! Ouch. 

My new BFF. Thank you Advanced Relief Icy Hot.

After I removed everything, swept and mopped the whole unfinished area, I organized our belongings and even dedicated a little space to me. Here’s my “new” yoga and treadmill studio. I plan on adding some printables/posters to the walls. Getting the space ready was the hardest part. 

I finished the night by baking some cupcakes to share at work for our May birthday peeps.

Not too bad of a Thursday if you ask me. Well, other than not moving too fast today.

Have a great weekend! 🙂 I’m off to enjoy some cupcakes.

Hot and heavy.

This morning’s run was hot and heavy and not in a good way.

I didn’t get out the door until 9:00 and it was already 74 degrees, I decided I would do a little speed work and then a few hill repeats.

A 1 mile run at 9:56, not too bad for me but I thought I was going to throw up before I stopped. I felt like I had weights on my legs and arms. I’ve never been one for running in just a sports bra, but I seriously thought about then. After I stopped, sweat was running down my back and onto my legs. It was pretty gross. Sorry, had to share so you’d get the full picture. 🙂

Last night, I had a friend to come over and crash. We (meaning Jim) grilled out, fixed grapefruit margaritas (very interesting) and rode around on a golf cart. It was a perfect evening. I also saw lighting bugs for the first time this year.

Here’s a motto that all should live by: A friend that brings you pie is truly a great friend, but a husband (signficant other) that gives you his (her) slice of pie is a keeper.

Right now as Saturday is wrapping up, we are going to grab Subway for dinner and finally catch up on DVR. Oh, one of my fave shows right now is Lip Sync Battle.

Do you watch Lip Sync Battle?

Do you call them lighting bugs or fireflies?

What’s your favorite pie?



Recovery and staying busy.

Good day all. How is everyone?

I’ve been taking it easy since my half. I’ve actually been taking a break from running, a day for each mile I ran. I do plan on running this Saturday. I’ve missed running, but certainly have enjoyed the time off.

I treated myself to a massage.

I found a pedicure gift certificate from my birthday last year, so I treated my feet to some TLC too. I swear my feet used to be kinda pretty. Now they are flatter and some of my nails look weird since they’ve grown back. I will be a bridesmaid this July!! Isn’t that such a cute way to ask someone to be in your wedding? Bride’s today have it made with Pinterest.

The Kentucky Derby was last Saturday. We had some friends come up from Florida for a last minute get together (an unofficial high school reunion for the hubs) and we actually attended. Jim never wants to do anything like that.

My future 2nd husband won. Way to go, Bob! I’ve stalked this man since 1997, it’s okay…he doesn’t know and Jim doesn’t care.

*Update* The panic attacks and anxiety issues had been getting better well, until today. I still struggle with driving to and from work. I was hoping it was the Lexapro I tried, but now I’m fearing that this is something that I may have to deal with.

Life has been busy and only seems to get busier as we approach summer. I think every weekend in June and July is booked now. Yikes, I haven’t been that popular in a long time!

Do you or your significant other attend high school reunions?

What’s your summer looking like?